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Do I live in District 25?

Kentucky’s legislative boundaries were redrawn in late 2021

If you live within Elizabethtown city limits, there’s a fair chance you live in Kentucky’s House District 25. Some western portions of Elizabethtown city limits are not in HD 25, and the district extends north into southern Radcliff and east to the Bullitt, Nelson, and Larue county lines.

Use the provided map to locate where you live (click to view it full-size), but for the most-accurate information—including the specific voter precinct under which you are registered—visit the KY Secretary of State’s website and use the “Review Your Registration” option.

If you are not currently registered to vote, you can do that from the KY Secretary of State’s websiteThe deadline to register to vote in the November 8, 2022 election is October 10, 2022.





a map of the boundaries of House District 25

Why are politicians always asking for donations?

It’s absolutely THE WORST thing about running for office.

Campaigns run on donations. It might sounds like a cliché but that’s the unfortunate truth of the matter since election campaigns are not financed through public funding.

You need money to file to run, money to pay for fliers and those signs people put up in their yards, and money to pay for gas and food for volunteers putting up those signs and knocking on doors. If you have campaign staff, they deserve to be paid and if you live in a competitive district, you may also need to pay for radio or even local cable TV ads.

You even have to have money to get money, because—ugly as it is—how much money a campaign has raised is used as a metric by many groups to determine which campaigns are strong enough to support with additional donations.

Until there is campaign finance reform at the state and federal levels, it remains a “necessary evil” when running for office.

A photo of campaign materials showing that design and print services were supplied by the candidate

Q: You say you’re pro-union and have the endorsements to back that up, but why didn’t you use a union print shop to produce the business card/flier I received?

A: As a professional web & graphic designer, I have at my disposal the skills and equipment necessary to produce a lot of my materials in-house, which also allows me to keep my campaign expenses relatively low. I generally include a small disclaimer that design and print services were provided by the candidate.
For larger print jobs outside of my scope—postcards and yard signs, primarily—I will be seeking out the services of a union print shop!