The Commonwealth for the Common Good

Katherine Leonard is a “pragmatic progressive” who believes in tackling transformative issues and bold policies, but she is willing to do the work through incremental improvements if that’s what it takes to succeed. Not one to “let perfect be the enemy of good” she’ll work with her fellow lawmakers to help the people who need it most.


  • Repair and modernize state and local roads
  • Explore alternative funding for maintenance
  • Improve public transportation access
  • Invest in mass transit, including Amtrak
  • Build out EV charging network

man welding iron

  • Repeal anti-union “Right to Work” laws
  • Eliminate tipped minimum wage loophole
  • Support measures to raise the “floor” for wages, benefits, leave practices, and health & safety measures
  • Overhaul Kentucky’s chronically-underfunded unemployment system

solar panels on a large industrial roof

  • Invest in renewable energy, including solar installations on public buildings
  • Continue development of agritech, especially in areas where traditional agriculture is not possible (e.g. former strip mines)
  • Explore use of micro-hydro to bring clean energy to rural areas


Everyone Deserves Reproductive Freedom

We do not need to know why a person chooses to end a pregnancy. We do not need to know if that person is a married mother of three whose family cannot afford another child, or a young college student not yet ready to become a parent. We do not need to know if they were a victim of rape or incest, if they used protection which failed, or if the pregnancy was wanted but incompatible with life.

We should not force an ectopic pregnancy to rupture before efforts can be taken to save the mother’s life. We should not prevent someone from seeking medical services for cancer, thyroid disease, an autoimmune disorder, or other illness for which the treatment is incompatible with a healthy pregnancy. We should not force a child to bear a child.

We should not be so cruel. Modern abortion care is safe and effective. 

Abortion and contraceptive access are healthcare.

Gay Rights are Human Rights.
Trans Rights are Human Rights.
Black Lives Matter.


For all lives to matter, society must acknowledge the historic and on-going struggles faced by individuals from marginalized groups and promote equitable policies to reduce inequality.

Modernize Tax Code

Simplify Kentucky’s tax structure and create a progressive income tax system that better reflects the reality of earned wages vs the cost of living. Consumption taxes are regressive and disproportionately harm those with the least amount of disposable income. 

Legalize and Tax Marijuana

Legalize medical cannabis and allow prescriptions to be filled at dispensaries without taxation. Legalize recreational cannabis and tax and regulate the sale to provide additional revenue in support of state-funded services such as mental health and opioid addiction services.

Legalize and Tax Gambling

Legalize and tax sports betting and other forms of gambling to provide additional revenue in support of state-funded services such as public education and mental health services including treatment for those for whom gambling is an addiction.

Common Sense Gun Control

Require mandatory background checks and minimum holds, raise the minimum age for ownership to 21, establish red flag laws, and restore training requirements for permits.

Promote Democracy

Expand no-excuse early and absentee voting, expand poll hours, offer same-day registration, automatically restore voting rights to felons who have completed their sentences, and allow independent voters to participate in primary elections.